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Some Pork is more equal than others. Meatcraft offers the highest quality only. From acorn-fed Iberico or free-range local pigs.  Please go to Shop

Only the finest…

Whether it is a premium, not so well known Iberico cut, our French label rouge pork or free-range premium meat from local pigs, we have sourced the best of breed in every price range. Succulent, tasty pork for every wallet and occasionShop for beef now!

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Those guys really know what they’re talking about. Absolutely amazing quality products at MeatCraft. Finally I can get those delicious steaks I loved so much back home! 

Frankie di Napoli


The Denver Cut

The Denver Cut is one of the few steaks from the chuck, the shoulder of the cow. This small piece of meat is also called under blade steak because it ‘rests’ directly under the shoulder blade. This ‘quiet’ location creates a more tender piece of meat in comparison to the surrounding muscles.

Cecina de Leon

Besides the famous ‘Jamon’ of the Iberico pig, Spain has been producing ‘hams’ from other animals for centuries. Especially In the North of Spain, farmers are curing the hind legs of all kinds of farm animals that were nearing their retirement age, since the beginning of time. In particular, horses, but also deer, hares and of course cattle, did not escape the butcher’s knife.

At MeatCraft we bring you those premium quality meat cuts normally only available for restaurants, and deliver them fresh, refrigerated but non-frozen and ready to use right into your kitchen.

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